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16 sierpnia 2016
wszystkie artykuły z działu >> TARGI

Red Dot Communication Design: Event Design 2012

Sprawdźcie czy "Czerwona Kropka" może wyróżnić również Wasze realizacje w przyszłości.

Prezentujemy wszystkie projekty wyróżnione zaszczytnym tytułem Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2012 w kategorii Event Design. Konkurs Red Dot Design Award - obok iF Design Award i IDEA (International Design Excellence Award) -  to najważniejsze nagrody przyznawane w dziedzinie projektowania na świecie. Red Dot przyznawane są w trzech kategoriach: Communication Design, Product Design oraz Design Concept. Pożądana przez projektantów "Czerwona Kropka" od blisko 60 lat jest szanowanym międzynarodowym znakiem wyjątkowej jakości w dziedzinie wzornictwa. Pierwsza nagroda Red Dot dla Polaków została przyznana dopiero w 2008 roku. W roku 2015 zwycięskich projektów było 12. A w roku 2016 już 15. Pokazuje to, że Polacy coraz śmielej pojawiają się wśród elity światowego designu.


Obejrzyjcie laureatów Red Dot Award: Comunication Design 2012 w kategorii Event Design. Sprawdźcie czy "Czerwona Kropka" może wyróżnić również Wasze realizacje w przyszłości.

The Audi Ring – Brand Pavilion IAA 2011
Client: AUDI AG, Ingolstadt

 With the Audi Ring, the carmaker Audi presented itself at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) in a separate, free-standing facility. At the heart of this 100 metres long, 70 metres wide, and 12 metres high trade show pavilion was an integrated driving track on two levels, where visitors were given the opportunity to experience selected vehicles in a live ride on a 400 metres long test track. Since the entire concept was geared towards involving visitors, they were allowed to drive the cars themselves. From the Grand Hall with the latest Audi vehicles and the Technology Park with interactive holographic exhibits to the final highlight, the presentation of the show cars and the multimedia brand show, the exhibition design conveyed dynamics, innovation and quality; characteristics that were also represented by the architecture of the entire facility with its flowing forms, curved lines and surprising transitions. The core brand message “Vorsprung durch Technik” was rendered into a fascinating and lasting sensual experience.

Mercedes Next! A Kinetic Media Production
Client: Daimler AG, Stuttgart
Design: Atelier Markgraph, Frankfurt/Main (Show, Communication, Exhibition Design, Media Design) Kauffmann Theilig & Partner, Ostfildern (Architecture)
lighting design: TLD Planungsgruppe
media feeds/integration: Atelier Markgraph, Barbecue Mediendesign (sub company), Group.iE (sub company)

The presentation of Mercedes-Benz at the International Motor Show (IAA) in 2011 was defined by a 40-metre-long, media-driven strip integrated to impressive effect in the silver metal facade. The strip accompanied visitors from the foyer into the exhibition space, forming a spacious stage of ever-changing 3D impressions. Media panels arranged one behind the other on the theatre stage moved kinetically, while an LED curtain showed a panorama with a high sense of depth. Images on the LED panels behind it were visible through the curtain, creating the impression that the vehicles were moving between the different image levels.

Audi connect Trade Fair Stand CES 2012
Client: AUDI AG, Ingolstadt
Design: tisch13 GmbH, Munich
head of marketing: Bernhard Neumann
creative direction/concept: Carsten Röhr
project management: Martin Mack, AUDI AG; Marjut Keituri, tisch13 GmbH
photography: Gabor Ekecs
architecture: Lutz Geisel, Bathke Geisel Architekten

Presented at the world’s largest electronics trade fair, the 2012 International CES, this stand in Las Vegas was designed to convey to visitors the basic principles behind the guiding concept of “Audi connect” in an appealing, vivid form: networking, interfaces, data streams. To symbolise this, the image of a tight grid was selected and manifested in all construction elements related to both design and layout of the trade fair stand. Suspended PCBs surrounded a box that appeared to float over the visitors’ heads, with the glittering light of 2,824 fluorescent lamps shining through its gaps. The reflections of the light grid on the highly polished surfaces of the architecture and the vehicles on display effectively transported the “grid” onto the visitors’ level.

Brunner Trade Fair Stand Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2012
Client: Brunner GmbH, Rheinau
Design: Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects, Stuttgart Peter Ippolito, Gunter Fleitz
art direction: Axel Knapp, Martin Berkemeier
interior design: Tilla Goldberg,
Jörg Schmitt, Daniela Schröder
exhibition stand construction: Hospes Team

This exhibition stand creates an intense spatial experience in which the innovative seating elements “plot” and “hoc” are staged. The strictly black-and-white setting takes a back seat to the colourful seating objects, which invite passers-by to pause, test them and linger. The walls reflect thoughts and inspirational ideas that arise during the contemplative act of sitting. They are completely covered in an installation of letters, forming associative figures and scenarios. Upon closer examination, poetic phrases, dialogic sequences and questioning thoughts emerge – reminiscent of Concrete Poetry.

[Flight Simulation Centre]
Client: simINN GmbH, Filderstadt-Bernhausen
Design: banozic architecture|scenography, Frankfurt/Main
head of marketing: Andreas Wolf
creative direction/concept: Boris Banozic
graphic design: Boris Banozic
photography; Kristof Lemp
construction/graphic production: Bernd Weinmann, Christoph Meyer, Jan Haas

The simINN Flight Simulation Centre presents its visitors with two fully functional flight simulators featuring the visual representation of a Boeing 737 and a Learjet X45 as full-size renditions. The built airplane elements have been complemented by graphics dispersed onto the walls, floor and ceiling. When viewed from most angles, the graphics produce the illusion of the plane in its intact form. From other perspectives, the overlapping of the built elements and the partly skewed graphics create varying compositions and distortions of both the architecture and the shapes of the airplanes.

Kreon Trade Fair Stand Light + Building 2012
Client: Kreon, Opglabbeek
Design: Kreon, Opglabbeek Ueberholz GmbH, Büro für temporäre Architektur, Wuppertal

At the trade fair Light & Building 2012, this booth presented Kreon lighting solutions as elements that integrate naturally into architecture and interior design. Surfaces and spaces served as the main design elements which merged light and applications. A homogeneous appearance was produced by combining steel substrates with walls in black and white, whereby wall and ceiling panels were used to generate open and overlapping spaces. Lights by the manufacturer were placed in niches, wall sections and distinctive areas to illuminate and thus stage the architecture.

GS Caltex Pavilion – Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea
Client: Peopleworks Promotion Co. Ltd. (PW), Seoul
Design: ATELIER BRÜCKNER GmbH, Stuttgart
creative direction: Prof. Uwe R. Brückner
art direction: Michel Casertano
film production: TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE GmbH
music/sound design: BLUWI
photography: Nils Clauss

At the Expo Korea, the GS Caltex Pavilion illustrates the company mission and the future visions of this Korean oil corporation. It took the form of a dynamic ensemble that, at first glance, was reminiscent of an oversized rice paddy: 18-metre-high blades swayed like grass in the wind and became illuminated when touched. In the middle of this energy field was a mirrored pavilion building with a similarly mirrored entrance hall aimed at evoking a sense of social interconnectedness and collective networking. A 360-degree film metaphorically drew the visitors into the world of energy.

Design Your Green Thinking
Client: NAVER, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
Design: NAVER, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
head of marketing: Jo Hang Soo
creative direction: Kim Seung Eon
art direction: Jang Tae Kyung,  Jung Bin Young,  Son Hye Eun
graphic/space design: Ohk Hye Won, Park Yun Hee
motion design: Park Hyeon
mobile site design: Park Jeong Ho

The exhibition titled “Design your green thinking” featured creative and multi-faceted artwork from 20 artists. All materials used in the exhibition space were carefully planned to be easy to disassemble and were fully recyclable. In lieu of wood walls, the standard production material, this booth was constructed with a minimised framework and felt, among other non-chemically treated materials. After the exhibition was over, the torn-down felt was used to make recycled SDF eco-bags. All proceeds of the exhibition were donated to an environmental organisation.

Mercedes Next! The Pulse of a New Generation
[Trade Fair Exhibition]
Client: Daimler AG, Stuttgart
Design: Atelier Markgraph, Frankfurt/Main (Show, Communication, Exhibition Design, Media Design) Kauffmann Theilig & Partner, Ostfildern (Architecture)
lighting design: TLD Planungsgruppe

The trade fair presentation “Mercedes Next!” at the International Motor Show (IAA) in 2011 followed an unusual concept. The exhibition route and the length of the average visit were seamlessly interlinked by a dramaturgical production that created a highly exciting choreography staging the automobiles, media panels and people as if in a theatre. At regular intervals, the live show drew their attention to the stage, where exhibition themes were presented in a series of different scenes. Layered, mobile media panels created a stage area for vehicles and people in ever-changing new scenes.

Sphinx Hall, Jungfraujoch, Switzerland
[Audio-visual Panorama]
Client: Jungfraubahn AG
lead agency/scenography: Steiner Sarnen AG für Kommunikation
overall concept: Steiner Sarnen AG  für Kommunikation, TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE GmbH
creative direction: Charlotte Tamschick
film direction: Marc Tamschick
concept: Franziska Fuchs
project management; Steffen Armbruster
animation/editing: Marc Osswald, Sascha Eckardt, Matthias Wolf
music/sound design: Florian Käppler, KLANGERFINDER GmbH

The 360-degree audio-visual show was created in the middle of Europe’s highest cave, at nearly 3,500 metres above sea level. Taking an emotional approach, it dramatises the overwhelming majesty and fragile beauty of glaciers. This film offers viewers, protected from weather conditions, an amazing panorama of the Alps projected on crystalline walls. Backed up by an orchestral soundtrack, it sensitises viewers to the human achievement of conquering the Alps. Using a 360-degree camera technique developed for this project, the dark cave is visually converted into a breath-taking panorama of Alpine poetry.

Alape Trade Fair Stand SHK 2012
Client: Alape GmbH, Goslar
Design: Martin et Karczinski, Munich
creative direction: Peter Martin
art direction; Birte Helms
graphic design: Johannes Kemnitzer
film production; Tina Maria Werner, lucie_p
strategic consulting: Daniel Karczinski, Philipp-Alexander Dietrich
architecture: Andrea Jürgens, JI Jürgens Innenarchitektur

With its reduced language of form and unusual animations, this trade fair stand fascinated visitors of the SHK 2012. The entrance led past two large portraits of a man and a woman, yet upon closer inspection it was evident that the faces had been animated on large-scale screens, with diagonals measuring over
2.6 metres in brilliant full HD quality. Inside the booth, the company Alape presented its modular system of furniture and washbasins. Combined with the sensory moments of the display, this turned the brand positioning and the claim of “Emotional
Purism” into an experience.

Audi Governance, Risk & Compliance
[Event Module]
Client: AUDI AG, Ingolstadt
Design: Martin et Karczinski, Munich
project management; Stefan Hengelmann
creative direction: Peter Martin
art direction: Birte Helms
graphic design: Johannes Kemnitzer
text: Stephanie Schlageter
strategic consulting: Daniel Karczinski,
Philipp-Alexander Dietrich
photography: Sjoerd Ten Kate, SCHIERKE COM/
event design: Jürgen Drändle, Drändle 70|30

Designed for a kick-off event, this stand introduced a newly developed and implemented in-house communication strategy for the Governance, Risk & Compliance division of the Audi company. Its asymmetrically contorted architecture of futurist appearance consists of two open modules facing each other. Distinctive slants and folds serve to symbolise the motifs “line” and “direction”. Constructed on massive steel girders, the stand is self-supporting. The lighting design is highly effective, featuring white light strips and animated light control.

My Green World – Dutch Pavilion Floriade 2012
Client: Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation
Design: 2D3D, The Hague
creative direction/concept: René van Raalte, Matt van Santvoord
graphics/exhibits: Jaap Bardet, Ilona Hoogeveen, Anke Sentker-Verhagen, Laurens van Schijndel
audiovisual presentations: Gerben Starink

My Green World, the Dutch Pavilion at the Floriade 2012 – World Horticultural Expo, takes visitors on an inspiring journey of discovery through new developments and innovations. The exhibits My Green Life, My Green Lab and My Green City are partially supported by games and animations to lend them a futuristic and sometimes experimental appeal. The sustainable building is designed as a self-carrying shield made of wood with a form inspired by an opening seed. My Green World aims to demonstrate how advanced agricultural technology changes the word.

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Trade Show Exhibition drupa 2012
Client: Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, Heidelberg

Designed in line with the motto “Discover HEI” for the drupa 2012 print media trade fair, this booth showcased a brand wall as the thematic and visual basis for the various themed zones. Real printing plates were combined to display various keywords from the latest “HEI” campaign of this Heidelberg-based company. Serving as a medium for product communication, LED screens integrated into the wall provided information about the company’s products. The terrace-like platform in the middle of the booth featured a service centre that was further highlighted by a typographical sculpture.









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