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29 sierpnia 2016
wszystkie artykuły z działu >> TARGI

DISCOVER NEW SPACES! kplus konzept at EuroShop 2014

Multisensory-Experience stand at the EuroShop 2014 inspires industry experts

[PL] Design wystawienniczy jest międzynarodowy. Niezależnie od tego, skąd pochodzi. Nowoczesne wzornictwo, nowe materiały oraz kreatywne formy często zaskakują tworząc zgrane architektoniczne rozwiązania. A EuroShop w Düsseldorfie to miejsce, które jest wiodącym źródłem informacji na temat trendów w projektowaniu stoisk. Tutaj można zobaczyć stoiska, które poprawiają standardy architektury i wzornictwa w branży wystawienniczej.

Poniżej prezentujemy Wam unikatowe stoisko kplus konzept GmbH zaprojektowane przez kplus konzept GmbH. Jesteśmy ciekawi co o nim sądzicie.

*Tekst drukujemy w oryginalnej wersji otrzymanej od kplus konzept GmbH.

[EN] An example of how to very efficiently draw attention to your company, and with a huge element of fun, was shown by the trade fair presentation of kplus konzept. The brand appearance proved to be one of the major attractions among the 2,200 exhibitors at the world’s leading retail trade show EuroShop in Düsseldorf in February 2014.

This unique experience during the Euroshop sparked an unrestrained visitor and information avalanche amongst retail professionals during its 5-day duration…

Discover New Spaces - kplus konzept @Euroshop 2014

Arouse curiosity, and appeal to all the senses – That was the basic idea of ​​the exhibition stand design. The pleasure of discovery was awakened by three mysterious boxes each accessed by climbing a ladder. Once the head was dipped inside, varying theme worlds unfolded via a refined staging of visual, olfactory, and acoustics, their unexpected effect liberated and enthused, and that across all cultural borders.

The entire stand reflected the Corporate Design of kplus konzept, including the three boxes – the EmotionQubes – in pink, green and black, respectively indicating the Corporate Colours, an insight into the sensual shopping experience of the future.

Given the number of international visitors is of central importance, the multi-sensory production under the motto “Discover New Spaces” was perfect for a universally understandable expression of Corporate Values ​​and Visions.

The result of the Euroshop: An array of promising business contacts  from all over the world and an altogether successful Brand Statement – that on only 18 square meters. kplus konzept is now looking forward to create an eventful trade show presentation of your values and visions!

BTW: The exhibition stand has collected three Design Awards in the meantime, the Famab “Apple” in Bronze 2014, the US-Exhibit Design Award 2014 in silver and the German Design Award Special 2016!

FAIR: EuroShop 2014
: kplus konzept

DESIGN: kplus konzept GmbH
LOCATION: Düsseldorf, Germany
AREA: 18m2
PHOTO CREDITS: kratz photographie, Düsseldorf www.kratz-photographie.de


About kplus konzept:

Distinctive store designs, multi-sensory brand communication, pioneering worlds of experiences for shopping centres, exciting interiors for healthcare and hospitality - these are the themes of the kplus konzept GmbH. The mall operators mfi AG, and well known store chains such as Esprit, Tayler or Santander Bank, are among their customers. Founded in Düsseldorf in 2005, it is run by the interior designer Bettina Kratz, and the communication designer and photographer Markus Kratz. The team of 20 employees comprises interior designers, communication, product, 3D and web designers, as well as writers and photographers. The paramount premise for a complete brand communication service from one single source. 




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